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Indigenous Access Media (I AM) is a grassroots, independent media collective supporting radical content.

Indigenous Access Media is a member owned-and-operated cooperative formally founded in 2020 who are also members of First Nation Communities. 

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Indigenous Access Media isa public commons for Indigenous People worldwide, by providing a media host where individuals and groups can share content made by and for Indigenous People. I AM is an independent online platform. We promote indigenous built infrastructure where indigenous philosophy and visibility of Indigenous peoples is central to content. This platform will be available without biased  content censoring, predatory surveillance including, data harvesting and suggested content. I AM is committed to creating a platform that promotes equality amongst content providers. I AM operates in the public-interest without organizational profit motives beyond sustaining the website and its content. I AM relies on arts grants and public donations to keep the site running and increase bandwidth as the site grows and content increases. I AM promotes an Anti capitalist motive and will not sell advertising or use  other forms of monetization such as  requiring general subscription fees or pay for play content . Content contributed will never be sold to a 3rd party for the benefit of the individual or platform providers. Ownership and accountability for videos belong to content producers, not I AM.
I AM adheres to Constitutional free speech principles and legal communication guidelines, allowing for a genuinely open forum for a broad array of expressive forms.

I AM is advertising-free with zero interruptions of videos

I AM encourages its users/producers to promote their own channel

I AM does not include comments on videos, as we believe they muck up healthy civil discourse. But if viewers feel moved to respond to something one of our users uploads, you’re invited to produce and submit your own video!